A1. Participation to the Beneficiaries Meeting in Brussels: 

1st Transnational Project Meeting, 11-14.03.2020, Mezobereny, Hungary


A2 (15.03.2020-14.07.2020):
Creation the interactive web-platform for our project.

2nd Transnational Project Meeting 31.07-03.08.2020, Bucharest, Romania

A3 (04.08.2020-04.12.2020)
During this activity all the organisations recorded the raw material for the video.

A4 (04.12.2020-04.02.2021)
Creation of one leaflet

Monitoring and evaluation

3rd Transnational Project Meeting 04-07.02.2021, Mezobereny, Hungary

Dissemination and exploitation of the results

A5 (07.02.2021-07.07.2021)
Organizing Information Weekends at the flying sights of the 4 organisations in the regions where our partners activate.

A6 (07.07.2021-07.08.2021) Internal evaluation of the DEOR activities 4th Transnational Project Meeting, 7-10.08.2021, Bucharest, Romania
A7 (11.08.2021-31.12.2021) Final Evaluations and Follow-up activities: